Welcome to our home! We became first time homeowners a year and half ago. We've painted every single room except for the office (that reno will come later on this year). 

Before owning a home, we thought we were NOT the DIY type. I mean, we didn't even own any tools besides a hammer! However, this quickly changed when we bought a house who's layout we loved but needed some love. And what do new DIY people do who know very little about the subject do? They gut a kitchen of course! HA! (see kitchen reno here.)

But we didn't do all the work ourselves...we're not THAT naive people. :) A good friend, who is a contractor, Mr. Cody, did most of the important stuff while my husband learned along the way. Which let me tell you, has been very very helpful in the projects we've done since. 

Needless to say...our house is still a work in progress. As you can see in some of the pics, I still haven't put many things on the walls and we still have a couple of rooms that still need to be done the way we want (the office and the guest bath) so I hope you come back to check out the progress along the way.